28 Dec 2013

New Blog


If you have found this, I don't really use it anymore.

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17 Feb 2013

pieces and bits and bits and pieces

I try to post on here every now and then to remind myself that I am doing things.

Here are some doodles I gone and did at work and tarted up with colour. The work I like most is always done on crappy lined paper for some reason.

Also, merfolk got in to BeThere Corfu Animation Festival. Very exciting.

Also I am working on an other thing. But I'll show you that when it's done. OK.


23 Jan 2013

new news

Oh hey

As I mentioned before I spent christmas working on the Deadmau5/Imogen Heap video. Above is an image from my bit which I finished last week, kind of experimenting with shaders and such. The other people working on it are amazing, and I'm chuffed to be a part of such an interesting project. It should be out fairly soon, I'm not too sure when exactly but its all quite exciting.

Also I've just started a cool job at Hasbro, doing flash visualisation stuff, designing animation and interactive elements for some established brands. Its research and design concept work so I can't share too much as its secret in development bits and bobs ooooh la la but its great fun.

Merfolk has been selected for a couple more screenings. It'll be shown at Animated Exeter next month, and also One World Human Rights Film Festival in Prague. 

I'm also working on a short film in my spare time, going to start recording dialogue soon. The narrative allows it to be released in episodes, and then probably compiled into one short when its done.


I'll try to draw and post more x

18 Dec 2012


WIP 3D head after using 'scrumple' script
The next few weeks I'm going to be working on a section of the new Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap video for Telemiscommunications.  The video is going to be comprised of 20 sections by different animators, and I was chosen to contribute, which is awesome. This is a great oppurtunity and I'm really excited to be apart of such a big project. It will be cool to see how the whole thing is going to fit together.

I've started work on a some concepts.  I want to go in quite an experimental direction with it, similar-ish to my uni innovations project.  I want the movement to feel almost stop-motion like, animated at 12fps and not smooth and finessed.  This fits the brief for the project of a lonely businessman in an airport.  I have also written a python script that adds imperfection to 3D models, giving a kind of 2D hand-drawn feel to the piece (see above image).  It goes through each object selected and offsets each vertex a tiny bit for whatever time frame you choose. Obviously it's only really useful for low-poly models (or Maya will likely crash out), but the animation can be cycled so its not too heavy for non-smoothed meshes. You can do cool things with it, like increasing the offset to create a kind of scrunched up paper look. I am quite happy with the result, and when I pimp it out with nice GUI I'll stick it online to download.

I'll upload more progress as it happens. Peace out.